I work in Advertising as an Account Manager and spend the majority of my time trafficking communications. My tone in the office is professional and dry. It is not a voice I would elect to use in my everyday life. For that I have Pressed Words, my personal blog about life and love in Amsterdam. However, as blogging is my lighthearted hobby, the tone on Pressed Words has evolved into something equally chirpy. While the copy for Pressed Words is easy to write and comes naturally after a long day in the office, I’m not particularly proud of the tone. It’s as if my work and my hobby have become two extremes, one incredibly professional and the other very relaxed and nonchalant. In hopes to fine tune my voice on Pressed Words, I created Simple Shots, a space where I will work to refine my writing and enhance my narrative style. My goal for Simple Shorts is to share at least one creative writing piece a week, whether it’s a poem, a short, or a simple descriptive of something in my day to day life.


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